12-day road trip South Africa – Namibia. Day 3: Augrabies Falls National Park (South Africa) and the border to Namibia


We woke up very early, had a quick breakfast and headed towards the Gate of the Augrabies Falls National Park

The gates are open at 7 am  and we would advise arriving early to begin your tour  before it gets too hot. Entrance fee ranges from R53 for South Africans and goes up to R210 for foreigners and cash payment is required at the gate.


The Khoikhoi people called it “Aukoerebis”, or place of Great Noise, as this powerful flow of water is unleashed from rocky surroundings characterised by the 18 km abyss of the Orange River Gorge. The falls are around 56 m in height.


Augrabies Falls is an excellent birding destination with more than 280 species recorded.


We spent around two hours exploring the Augrabies Falls and surroundings and left Augrabies for Luderitz, Namibia as it takes around 8 hours plus you should plan an hour for border crossing formalities.


Before you go we strongly recommend get familiar with the rules on the AA website 

It also make sense to check if you need a visa to Namibia. If you need one #MirVisaTravel would love to assist you in getting one;-)

From personal experience it is very helpful to keep R295 in cash to pay Namibian Road Tax if travelling by car (credit card machines do not always work there;-)

When you are in Namibia and you need a new SIM card, drive to a nearest Spar where you can buy a SIM Card at the till for 9 N$ (exchange rate is 1:1 to South African Rand) with a preloaded 5N$ credit. You can pay for the SIM Card at the till with South African Rands, but not for extra airtime. I bought mine in Karasburg and had the most amazing cashier assisting me. He did not only exchange my R100 into 100 N$, but went with me to the airtime machine and helped me to buy airtime vouchers. I loaded airtime and exchanged it for data according to the SIM Card manual. Unfortunately the Namibian mobile network does not have good covereage. You will get signal in cities, but hardly while you drive on the roads.

Finally fully equipped we were ready to conquer Namibia! We arrived in Luderitz pretty late the same day and got settled at the Villelodge , a neat little guest house with the most amazing hosts. We had our simple, but delicious dinner at the restaurant called Essenzeit and this also ended our third day:-)


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