Dance Around The World

Dance Around The World

Did it happen to you? you walk down the street in an unfamiliar city and suddenly you hear music ... that comes from a cafe across the street... You enter this cafe and an extraordinary feeling encompasses you ... as if you have known all those people on the dance floor for a hundred years ...This happens to #MirVisaTravel very often and it is a perfect way to find new friends even on the other side of the planet ;-)


#MirVisaTravel is a passionate salsa dancer:-) and in March it’ll be the perfect time to brush up on my salsa dancing during my 14 days cultural trip to Cuba

Salsa is a popular form of social dance originating from Cuban folk dances. The movements of Salsa are a combination of Afro-Cuban dance, Son, cha-cha-cha, mambo, and other dance forms. The dance, along with salsa music, saw a major development in the mid-1970s in New York.

If you have a chance #MirVisaTravel recommends you to visit El Tropicana - a cabaret in Havana, Cuba. It was launched on December 30, 1939, at the Villa Mina in Marianao and next door to El Colegio de Belen where Fidel Castro went to school. They say it is spectacular! 


Tango is a sensual partner dance that originated in Argentina. It is now performed as part of ballroom dance competitions around the world. Full of sensuality and nostalgia, tango is part of Buenos Aires' identity. Come to listen, watch . . . and perhaps you'll even leave dancing like a local.


It is a Brazilian dance style and music genre with roots in Africa and arrived in Latin America via the African slaves who arrived in Latin America with their European masters. Samba is associated with rhythm and flamboyant costumes and is considered as an integral part of the Brazilian culture. If you can’t move your hips, then you might want to watch and learn how to samba from the pros. Thousands of participants dance to the rhythm of Carnival beats at the Sambodrome in Rio de Janeiro.


The Sega is a dance which originated from the ritual music of Madagascar and the mainland of Africa, and it is the Musical Expression of the Mauritian Way of Life: Joy and Liveliness. ... The Sega is usually sung in Creole (mother tongue of Mauritians). #MirVisaTravel recently went to Mauritius and fell in love with the local culture and sega songs especially with Dodo Baba by Sky to be.


Though Russia is famous with the Russian Ballet in this post #MirVisaTravel would like to talk about Russian Folk Dance. If you are in Moscow do not miss the chance to see the performance of the National Russian Ballet “Kostroma”.

The Russian National Dance Show “Kostroma” cleverly and with great prowess unites lyrical sketches with elements of folklore and ancient Russian epic. It uncovers the Russian culture through the nature of its people, social status and national coloring. You can witness the temporal, urban, village, military culture of Russia. The accurately created images of mother, wife, daughter, son, husband, and warrior reflect the heritage of the many generations and the unique spirit of the Russian nation.  

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