It’s Africa! Hermanus

It’s Africa! Hermanus

If you decide to come and visit South Africa between May and December or are a local and would like to take leave during that period we highly recommend taking a drive to Hermanus to watch the whales as they migrate past the coastal town. Hermanus has been rated by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as one of the twelve best whale watching locations in the world and you are almost always guaranteed to spot these majestic giant creatures of the sea.

You will find 3 different types of whales that come past, the first and most common is the Bryde’s whale. You would be able to spot these whales anytime during the year and they are distinguished by their medium size, dark grey colour and white belly.

The second whales to come past May through to December are the humpback whales which are distinguished by their long pectoral fins and a knobby head. Because of their curious nature, these whales will often come right up close to the boats and enjoy the sun making them the best whales to come and see if you would like to view them close up. 

The third type of whales is the Southern Right Whale. The best time to spot them is July through to November and what makes them so exciting is that they will often swim quite close to shore, allowing you to see them from your hotel room or when sun bathing on the beach. The Southern Right Whale is distinguished by the calluses on its head, a broad back without a dorsal fin and a long, arching mouth that begins above the eye.

Although whale watching is a major attraction in Hermanus, there are also other activities to do during your stay such as visiting the wine farms where you can enjoy doing tastings of their different vintages or hiking through the 1800 hectares of the Fernkloof Nature Reserve. The nature reserve overlooks the picturesque mountain and the vast sea, here you will find diverse plant life, including some unique species of fynbos. There are many more activities that can be done in Hermanus and can be found on the following website:

So, you may ask yourself where Hermanus is how to get there. It is located on the south coast of the Western Cape and takes about a one hour and 45 minute drive from Cape Town. Alternatively you could take the scenic drive when coming from Durban along what is called the Garden Route, this trip is a lot longer and would take roughly 17 hours in the car if you drove straight though. If you are looking at driving from Durban we would advise that you stop along the way and spend two or three nights in the towns along the way, it is a beautiful and scenic route where you will experience a lot of what South Africa has to offer.

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