It's Africa! Swaziland

It’s Africa! Swaziland

Swaziland is a small country located within South Africa and shares a boarder with Mozambique.

What makes Swaziland a popular place to visit is the fact that the majority of citizens holding different passports are able to enter the country visa free for business and tourism purposes and it only takes roughly 6 hours to get to Mbabane, the capital of Swaziland, from Durban or 4 hours from Johannesburg .

Swaziland is most popular for its many game reserves such as Mbuluzi Game Reserve, Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary and Mantenga Reserve; however one of the more popular reserves would be Hlane Royal National Park. Hlane Royal National Park holds the largest herds of game in the country and is one of the few places within Swaziland where you will have a chance of seeing some of the big 5 such as lion, elephant, and rhino.

Those who are interested in seeing different species of birds will also be excited to visit as the reserves 22,000-hectares boast a diverse collection of species, including the highest density of breeding white backed vultures on the continent.

It is compulsory for visitors to take a guided game drive to see the lions as they are found in a separate enclosure, however, self-guided drives are allowed within the rest of the reserve.

Besides wildlife watching there are many other activities that you can do within the reserve such as guided mountain biking, cultural visits to a nearby Swazi village, birding walks, and overnight bush treks. When booking you accommodation you also have a choice to either stay in an electricity-free campsite/traditional lantern-lit hut or in a second camp that offers self-catering stone cottages with your modern conveniences.

If it’s more culture and tradition that you are after, we advise to visit Swaziland during the last week of August or first week of September when young women from around the country come together to participate in a famous festival of joyful song and dance performances, this is also known as Umhlanga, the animated Reed Dance ceremony. The second big event that you can attend is Incwala, an impressive kingship ritual which lasts about three weeks in December/January.

There are popular markets within Mbabane which have many beautiful and exotic souvenirs that you can take back home with you in remembrance of your trip. At these markets you will find fresh produce, pottery, hand-made baskets, masks, traditional fabrics, soapstone carvings, and beaded jewellery. 

Lastly a must see are the stunningly colourful and handmade Swazi Candles. You can find them in the Malkerns Valley where they produce both traditional paraffin wax as well as 100% organic soya candle tea lights. They have a variety of products ranging from wax encased LED lights, pure vegetable glycerine soaps and marula oil body balm. To see more of their beautiful products you can have a look at their website

So in the next holidays, why not let us at Mir Visa Travel help you to plan your trip to Swaziland, we promise it will be an experience you will never forget!

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