KZN got Wine!

KZN got Wine!

At the end of February grapes ripen and a fabulous period in the life of every winemaker in every part of South Africa - the creation of new wine – begins.

Not so long ago… back some 10-15 years, when wine production was only born in KwaZulu-Natal, many were very skeptical of this idea and did not believe in its success. However, despite the fact that it was not easy, today we see several successful wineries in our region.

One of those is Cathedral Peak Wine Estate

The only wine estate this deep in the Drakensberg Mountains, the estate lies with Cathedral, Cathkin and Champagne Castle peaks looming from behind the plateau ridge on which the farm's vines grow.

#MirVisaTravel visited the Cathedral Peak Wine Estate at the end of February when winegrapes were ripe and ready to be collected. The endless rows of vineyards are stretching to the horizon. Grapes are waiting for their finest hour to become the best wine in KwaZulu-Natal province, languishing in juicy bunches in the sun. 

While the new wine is getting ready, a range of great mature wines can be tasted and purchased from the cellar.

They also have a secondary range of wines, the Zulu wines, which are produced in partnership with three community-development projects in the Berg area. The estate, with the help of local government, is helping these communities to establish their own vineyards and acquire the skills essential for successful wine farming. It is hoped that, within a few years, these communities will be able to take complete ownership of their vineyards and bring their wine to the cellar for production.

If you are planning your trip to the province of KwaZulu-Natal and you are interested in seeing how wine is produced - #MirVisaTravel will happily organize for you an unforgettable tour to the KZN wineries. Remember, KZN got WINE! :-)

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