Travel Tips: How to Make Friends Traveling Solo

Travel Tips: How to Make Friends Traveling Solo

Many people avoid traveling solo because they want to share experiences and worry about loneliness, but meeting people is easier than you think - you don’t even need to be a social butterfly to do it!

Give everyone a chance You’ll run into many different and interesting types of people when you’re traveling, people you would never meet back home. Strike up a conversation and see where it goes. We travel to see different places - and meeting new people is a big part of this.

Go on tours Tours are a great way to meet people with your same interests, and there are so many different ones available.  Tours can be centered around wine and beer, food, adventures, history - there’s one for everyone!

Take advantage of hostels  Hostels and the areas around them are a fantastic way to meet fellow travelers. Many of the people who stay at hostels are also traveling solo and eager to meet other travelers.

Stay positive If you project positive energy people will be more likely to want to talk to you. Remember- smile. If you look open and positive, more people will strike up a conversation with you, and you will make more friends.

Curiosity isn’t a bad thing Ask people lots of questions- “where are you from?”, “Where’s a good place for lunch?”, “What’s been your favorite part of your trip?”. It helps you to form a connection with the person you’re speaking with.

Talk to people in transit If you’re sitting in a seat for an extended period of time- whether you’re on a bus, a plane, or a train- you’re bound to get bored. Strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you- ask questions, start a conversation. Put yourself out there and you may meet a new friend on the way.

Be where other people are  Don’t just order dinner up to your hotel/hostel room. Go to a cafe, eat in a park, go to a crowded place. Chances are, there are lots of people there for a reason, so even if you don’t happen to meet anybody while you’re there at least you’ll have had good food, or listened to good music. The atmosphere is everything.

Remember- what do you have to lose? Don’t be afraid to look silly. What’s the worst that could happen? If you ask a newfound friend if they want to do something together and they refuse, you have not lost anything at all in the bargain.  You’re traveling, you’ll likely never see them again. Something as simple as gathering up the courage to ask can be vital in your quest to finding new friends.

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