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How to travel Solo.

Travelling solo can be an amazing experience! You see what you want to see, when you want to see it; you can choose to connect with others travelling or avoid them completely- you travel on your own terms.Travelling alone can come with some complications, though, so we’ve collected some tips to help you travel solo with ease.

Figure out how to stay in touch. Keeping in contact with family and friends during your trip can be very important- especially when travelling alone. Find out where you can go during your trip for free wifi, and consider buying a cheap SIM card with prepaid data so that you can contact people while you’re on the go as well.

Stay low-key. It is best to do all you can to stay safe while travelling, so avoid flashing expensive jewelry or electronics. Its best to be discreet in order to avoid any unwanted attention. If you are a solo female traveller, consider taking clothing that is less revealing and adding a scarf to your outfit.  In some countries, the ability to use a scarf to further cover up can make a big difference in avoiding harassment.

Learn a few words in the local language. If English is not widely spoken it can be very helpful to learn some phrases in the local language so that you can ask for any help you may need. It can also be helpful with starting conversations with the others around you. Travelling alone doesn’t have to be lonely!

Take day tours. Day tours are an amazing opportunity to meet fellow travelers and see the sights at the same time. Often transport is included, and you can easily see many sights that may be difficult to reach on your own.

Take a book. If you are uncomfortable eating alone, consider taking a book to give you something to do while you eat. It can hold your attention, and it doesn’t require a wifi or cell phone signal in order to do so.

Stay sober. Try to avoid getting extremely drunk while you are travelling. Keep your wits about you.

Pack light. There may be tricky situation in which you will have to maneuver all of your luggage by yourself. Avoid these by packing only what you know you’ll need.

Keep your ears open. Listen for anybody speaking your mother language, then try to start a conversation with them. They may have some interesting information about some lesser-known  stops to make on your trip.

Take advantage of solo benefits. Many places offer benefits for people travelling alone - like Walt Disney World’s single rider lines which move much faster than the regular line. Don’t be afraid to reap those benefits wherever possible.

Leave a copy of your itinerary/travel plans at home with a friend. It can provide you peace of mind knowing that someone will be able to help you if something happens on your trip. Take advantage of airplane and hotel registrations which ask for emergency contact numbers to make sure friends and family are notified if there is a problem and you are unable to reach them yourself.

Have a positive attitude. If you go on a trip thinking that you’re going to be lonely and miserable, chances are you will be. A positive attitude is key to having a successful trip.

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