Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow, on February 14 people in many countries around the world will celebrate Valentine's Day. It is believed that Valentine's Day has existed for more than 16 centuries, but the Celebrations of Love are known from even earlier times - from the times of ancient pagan cultures. For example, the Romans celebrated in mid-February the festival of eroticism, called Lupercalia, in honor of the goddess of love Juno Februata. Russia also had its own day of love, which was celebrated in summer and not in winter. It was associated with the legendary love story of Peter and Fevronia.

History of Valentine’s Day though originated in ancient Rome. Emperor Claudius II forbade young men of his state to marry so that women would not interfere with taking them into the army. But people got married in secret with the help of the priest Valentine. Unfortunately, the emperors heard rumors of secret weddings, Valentine was thrown into prison and had to be executed the next day. Without losing a minute, he wrote a farewell letter to his girlfriend, where he spoke of his love, and signed it "Your Valentine". It was read after he was executed. Subsequently, as a Christian martyr who suffered for the faith, Valentine was canonized by the Catholic Church.

Whether this was the case or not, but apparently tradition to write Valentine's Day love notes comes from there.

Write in the comments how do you celebrate this Day in your country? Do you celebrate it at all?

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